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3 Types of Gentlemen That Russian Ladies Love

20. May 2013 by Masha 0 Comments

While some women are attracted to bad boys and others prefer nice guys, most ladies are looking for these types of gentlemen, or at least guys who possess these personality traits.


The Quirky Comedian

Ladies love men who can make them laugh. In fact, a good sense of humor is commonly near the top of women's "must have" lists. You don't have to be a comedian all the time, but telling at least one joke or funny story during each conversation could show off your funny bone.


The Confident Casanova

If you use the words "romance" and "adventure" while chatting with Russian girls, they will likely keep coming back for more. The fairy tale dream of a confident, spontaneous man sweeping them off their feet for a romantic rendezvous is what most ladies long for.


The Eclectic Elder

Women all over the world are attracted to older men for their maturity. Russian ladies especially like dating older gentlemen who are educated in numerous topics and enjoy a variety of hobbies.


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Photo: Mart1n via sxc.hu