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3 Unrealistic Expectations That Can Wreck Your Russian Dating Experience

8. September 2010 by Christy 0 Comments

Unrealistic expectations are, without a doubt, the biggest reason men fail at Russian dating. Here are 3 unrealistic, but surprisingly common, expectations that prevent men from finding a wife on Russian dating websites like HotRussianBrides.com.


Expecting to Buy a Bride

Though most men know traditional mail order brides no longer exist, some believe that sites like HotRussianBrides are a way for men to indirectly buy a bride. These men reason that if they pay enough money to chat with a lady and wish to marry her than the woman will oblige, no questions asked. Needless to say, Russian dating does not work this way and men who expect to buy women on our site, whether directly or indirectly, will not succeed on HotRussianBrides.com.   


Expecting a Fantasy Woman

Unrealistic expectations about Russian women are also dangerous. Many men come to international dating websites, Russian or otherwise, because they have a romanticized view of foreign women. They believe women from Russia or the Ukraine (or Asia and South America) are slender, beautiful, traditional women who will marry gladly marry a Western man, regardless of his age or looks. While this would certainly be nice, no woman is perfect and men who come to a Russian dating website with the expectation of meeting and marrying a selfless model type will be very disappointed.


Expecting Russian Dating to Be Easier, Shorter Than Conventional Dating

Unfortunately, some men are attracted to Russian dating because they mistakenly believe it is quicker and easier than traditional dating. These men propose marriage in the first email or two, book trips to meet a lady without even consulting her, feel entitled to a woman’s time and attention, etc. simply because they believe Russian women are eager to leave their home country and do not care about the conventional rules of courtship. Though it would be nice, there is no shortcut when it comes to love. Men must still make an effort to be charming and polite if they want to attract a potential mate. The conventional rules of courtship still apply.

Nothing can wreck a Russian dating experience faster than unrealistic expectations, unrealistic expectations about the Russian dating process and unrealistic expectations about Russian women in general. Gentlemen who want to successfully court and marry a woman from HotRussianBrides must be realistic.