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3 Ways to Attract More Sexy Russian Ladies

4. January 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

It happens everyday. You see a sexy Russian woman and you are immediately attracted. But is she attracted to you as well?


Women are not as quickly drawn to looks like men are. They are more intrigued by your actions and behaviors. Here’s some advice to help bring more sexy Russian ladies your way.


Flirt with a Few

Well, maybe more than a few. Flirt with a lot of sexy Russian women. Dating is a numbers game and the more women you chat with, the better your chances of finding the perfect match. Plus, word may get around about the funny, charming gentleman who has been flirting a lot online, and the next thing you know, more sexy Russian ladies will want to chat with you.


Take Control

Women like men who are strong, confident, and secure. The same goes for sexy Russian women. You want to show them you are in control, while being respectful. Tell your favorite ladies that you want to plan video chat dates with them. Ask them how they feel about Intimacy Requests and exchanging personal contact information. You can lead the way by being direct and taking the next step.


Slow Down, Stalker

Being in control doesn’t mean wanting to control her. If she doesn’t show up for your video chat date or hasn’t replied to your last email, don’t fret. A true gentleman doesn’t chase women. There are so many beautiful, single Russian women available that you don’t need to get all wound up too quickly. Just move on to the next sexy Russian lady and those you let slide will probably come emailing back.


Brushing up on dating tips every now and then will surely help you succeed in this Russian dating venture. Be yourself and be honest, but by adding a couple new techniques to your online dating repertoire, you will see how much more fun this experience can be. Sexy Russian women await!