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3 Ways to Make Russian Brides Blissful

1. November 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

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Russian women are typically upbeat and optimistic most of the time, especially during online dating. However, everyday dilemmas can dent their delightful demeanor, whether it’s frustration from not finding a match, or just stress from work or school. Ladies love gentlemen who make them happy, so here are 3 suggestions that will boost their spirits.


Notice the Small Stuff

Read over her emails carefully and comment on something seemingly insignificant. Ladies usually don’t mention something for no reason and there may be a bigger story behind it. Also, while enjoying live video chats, pay attention to changes in her makeup, hairstyle, and clothing. Russian brides spend extra time primping to look their prettiest and they’re so pleased when gentlemen notice.


Be the Man Who Remembers

Men have the unfortunate reputation of having miserable memories, while women seem to remember everything. If you really want to impress her, keep track of when you first met, when you had your first video chat date, and every detail she shares with you. If you’re chatting with multiple Ukrainian brides, this can be a challenge, but the Black Book makes it so easy. Use the Notes and Calendar features to never forget again!


Wow Her With Words

Some guys gush their feelings gregariously, while most others prefer showing over telling. However, ladies really love when men emote into emails. It can be just a few sweet sentences, or an all out poem, but either way she’ll be touched by your tenderness.


Making women happy is all about surprising them with actions they wouldn’t typically expect. Try these suggestions on your favorite Russian and Ukrainian girls. They’ll be giddy, grateful, and eager to grow your relationship.