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3 Ways to Make Your Russian Lady Smile

2. April 2013 by Masha 0 Comments

Did you know that women's brains produce significantly less serotonin than men's brains do?


This is the chemical that makes us happy, and while Russian and Ukrainian women are usually pretty positive, they always appreciate a man who can make them smile.


Here are three ways to brighten their days. 


Comment on Something Seemingly Insignificant

Noticing the small stuff will give her a big smile. Read her emails and profile descriptions thoroughly. Ladies usually don’t mention something for no reason and there may be a bigger story behind it. Also, while enjoying live video chats, pay attention to changes in her makeup, hairstyle, and clothing.


Keep Track of Your "Firsts"

Women are often applauded for always remembering anniversaries, while men tend to forget. Change this stereotype by being the one who never forgets! Keep track of when you first met, when you had your first video chat date, and every adorable detail she shares with you. Use the Notes and Calendar features of the BlackBook to make it a breeze!


Get Emotional in Emails

Whether it's just a few sweet sentences, or an all out poem, don't be afraid to get a little gushy in your messages. While Russian woman like manly men, they can appreciate your softer side as well. If you're not completely comfortable expressing your emotions out right, turn them into a funny limerick, haiku, or knock knock joke. 


In the end, surprising women with things they don't expect makes them smile. Try these suggestions with your favorite ladies on HotRussianBrides.com and see how they react!