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3 Ways to Stall Your Russian Dating Relationship

4. October 2012 by Dasha 0 Comments

If you’ve found a great match on HotRussianBrides.com, you’ll naturally want the relationship to progress. However, some men mistakenly stall a promising romance by doing one of the three things listed below. Don’t make the same mistake.


Get Bossy

Some men get a little (or a lot) bossy after they’ve gotten to know a special lady and grown comfortable talking with her. There are many ways to be bossy on HRB, but attempting to dictate and dominate a woman’s time and attention is one of the most common. If you want to keep a special lady’s interest, don’t try to tell her when to log onto to the site, when to chat, what to wear on video chat, or who she can and cannot talk to both online and off.


Stop Writing/Chatting

Due to the nature of international dating, it’s extremely important for couples to stay in touch. If you go days or weeks without contacting a potential match, your relationship will suffer and she may naturally wonder if you’re no longer interested. You don’t have to pen a lengthy email or chat for hours, but you should try to write a short note or keep in contact however you can.


Never Meet Her in Person

There ultimately comes a point where you’ll need to meet a woman in person if your relationship is to go any further. Many couples form terrific connections online only to drift apart after never meeting face to face. While traveling to Russia or the Ukraine is no small endeavor, it’s crucial if you plan to marry a woman from our site.

For most men, the ultimate goal in joining Hot Russian Brides is to meet their future wife. Don’t kill a promising relationship by being bossy and demanding, not keeping in touch, or never meeting a potential match in person.