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4 Common Complaints about Russian Bride Dating Sites

14. May 2010 by Admin 0 Comments

There is still a taboo in the US with regards to men using Russian-based online dating Websites to find romance. While usually referred to as “mail order bride sites”, the old days of picking a woman to have shipped to your door from a catalog are not part of HotRussianBrides.com's service offerings.


Despite our catchy name, we are an International Dating service, much like Match.com or eHarmony. The fundamental differences are: 1) our ladies are in Russia or Ukraine (and Latin America) and 2) only our gentlemen pay to use the service. However, HotRussianBrides.com provides services that the other mainstream sites don’t offer like video streaming, live chat and a gift shop.


Because of the way our site is set up, many men that disagree with our service frequently voice their opinions. Below are 4 of the more common complaints we get from unsatisfied members.


1) Girls on Other Sites Too

Members are suspicious about our Website because they have created accounts on multiple Russian brides sites and have found some overlap in ladies. They get up in arms, thinking they have stumbled onto a scam. The truth is that, much like that member, the ladies too join multiple sites to better their chances of finding someone. This is a very common practice in online dating, not just Russian bride dating. So why should our site be judged differently?


2) Girls are Dressed Seductively

Believe it or not, some men complain that the photos on HotRussianBrides.com are too revealing or too sexy. Because of this “temptation”, they feel that we are trying to scam them. C’mon. Really? First, there is a lot of competition for attention on all Russian bride sites, so they upload photos they think men like to see. Do guys want to see girls in turtlenecks and business suits? Not really. Also, Russians are not as self-conscious as Americans are, so showing skin is not a big deal as some of these “prudish” men make it out to be.


Plus, you should see some of the photos male members submit. They show MUCH more than the ladies. Trust me.


3) Why Don’t You Sell Me Contact Information?

Seriously? You don’t think there is anything wrong with selling a woman’s contact information to a perfect stranger just because he wants it? Last time I checked that was creepy. How would Americans like it if Match.com started selling contact information for $5-10? Probably not very much. What about if a Russian company started selling men’s contact information in the US? I’m sure THAT would cause uproar.


The ladies are not slaves. They are on our site because they want to and are free to leave at any time. Do you think they would want to stay around if we sold their info?


4) You Pay the Girls and All Sites Cost the Same

This is one that is dying down, but still comes up. Members think that because some of the ladies are online at the same time every day, that they are paid employees. Also, some members claim to have met ladies that “confessed” that they were paid to chat and email men. First of all, we have over 13,000 ladies on our site. How does it make sense to pay ALL of them to be on there? Also, we do pay some women to chat and email: translators and interpreters!


Now about the credit packages and memberships costs. When we introduced our model 7 years ago, the majority of sites charged fees for sending and receiving email. There was no way to know if you were emailing a guy or a girl. To combat the fraud being perpetrated by others, we introduced video streaming, live chat, Video Validation (we verify each lady’s identity) and the credit system. Since then, many competing sites have adopted a similar model in order to stay competitive. Much like all TV products seem to cost $19.99, all Russian dating sites are competing on very close price points for the same business. However, when you look at the actual cost of the services, you will see that most of our competition charges more for similar services.


HotRussianBrides.com is accused of being a scam based on these complaints 90% of the time. Keep in mind that a lot of these scam sites and forums are run by people that 1) own a competing dating service or 2) earn money from competing services. As far as scam allegations, things are often taken out of context and to suit personal interests. Whenever you see these accusations, think about the source and what they are trying to accomplish, and bring it to our attention. We will be glad to help you.