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4 Online Dating Mistakes Men Make

7. May 2010 by Christy 0 Comments

Having a difficult time finding your match on HotRussianBrides.com? Perhaps you’re doing something wrong. Here are 4 common online dating mistakes men make and why you should avoid them.


Being Materialistic

If you spend a lot of time talking about the things you have, your house, your car, your job, your money, there may be a problem. These topics are okay in moderation, but a lady wants to know more about you than the size of your bank account and what cars you own. If you want to build a successful relationship with a woman you meet online, be sure to talk about things other than material possessions.


Being Too Picky

While it’s okay to have a dream woman, you’ll have a difficult time finding love if you refuse to date women who don’t have every quality you desire. If your dream girl is a tall, thin, blonde who likes traveling and classical music are you going to turn away a charming brunette who prefers rock music instead? Expanding your search will only improve your chances of finding a woman with whom you connect.   


Being Superficial

When you think of your dream girl do you focus on her appearance or do you also imagine her personality and interests? Nearly every single man dreams of finding a beautiful woman, but if good looks are all a lady has to offer you will have a hard time building a meaningful relationship. Plenty of women on our site have beauty AND brains. You just have to be willing to look.


Being Too Aggressive

It’s flattering when someone of the opposite sex is aggressive in their pursuit, but there is a fine line between being aggressive and being creepy. If a lady doesn’t respond to your advances, take a step back and focus on other potential matches. If she’s not interested, she’s not interested, and trying to force the issue when only make you seem desperate, creepy, or both.

Men who are overly aggressive, picky, superficial, or materialistic (or a combination of the four) may have a difficult time finding a potential partner on our site. If you are sincerely seeking a serious relationship, try to avoid making these common online dating mistakes.