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4 Picture Pitfalls to Avoid

8. May 2012 by Dasha 0 Comments

While selecting photos for your Russian dating profile might seem simple enough, choosing the right picture – one that generates interest and presents you in the best light – actually requires a little thought. Here are a few picture pitfalls to avoid.

Old or Inaccurate Photos

In an attempt to impress the gorgeous ladies on our site, some gentlemen post photos that are more than a few years old. Others share photos taken before a major weight gain or hair loss. A few misguided souls even post pics of celebrities or male models. These are all bad ideas. If you truly want to find a Russian love match you must be open and honest. This includes letting a lady know what you look like right now, not 10 years or 20 pounds ago. You want the ladies to do the same right?

Unflattering Photos

On the other end of the spectrum are men who post current, yet unflattering, pics. This might include photos that depict an unkempt appearance or pics that are blurry or poorly lit. A dirty appearance is one of the top 5 turn offs for Russian women. Therefore, posting a photo of you in your rumpled pajamas or one showcasing your scraggly facial hair is not a good idea. Show a little initiative and make an effort to look your best. Take a shower, shave, put on a nicely pressed outfit and take a photo in a well-lit area. You’ll be glad that you did.

Materialistic Photos

We may live in a material world, but posting pics of your car, boat, truck or pool may give ladies the wrong idea. Though it may not be your intention, focusing on material objects suggests that you expect the ladies to be impressed by your expensive toys and that you believe material objects are as important, if not more important to Russian women, then you. This attitude is a big turn off and is a red flag for many marriage-minded women. Though nice things are a great perk, the vast majority of Russian women will not date or marry a man simply because he’s well off.

Penis Pics

Per HotRussianBrides’ Terms of Use, members are not permitted to post content that “displays or describes pornographic or sexually explicit material of any kind.” Therefore, nude photos and crotch shots are off limits. Not only do such photos violate our Terms of Use, but many Russian women report being turned off by men who behave inappropriately and those who are preoccupied with sex. We understand that this may seem strange considering that many of the lady’s post revealing photos. However, while dressing sexy is not uncommon in Russia, male crotch shots have yet to catch on.

Profile pics aren’t rocket science, but they do require a little thought. When in doubt, pick photos that are flattering, accurate, appropriate, and up-to-date.