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4 Tips for Overcoming First Email Jitters

21. August 2012 by Dasha 0 Comments

Staring at a blank screen can be intimidating, but there’s no reason to let first email jitters keep you from contacting a potential match. Here are a few simple tips to help you write that first email.


Introduce Yourself

Not sure what to say? Start with the topic you know best – yourself! Write a little about your life, your interests, why you’re looking for love abroad, or what you hope to find in a partner. However, keep it brief! Many men make the mistake of sharing their whole life’s story in the first message, leaving a couple little to talk about later on. Keep the first email short and sweet and try to pique her curiosity.

Inquire About Her Life

You’ll naturally want to know more about a potential match so why not ask a few questions in the first message? If you’re not sure what to ask take a look at a lady’s profile for inspiration. Does she have an intriguing hobby or occupation? A quirky photo? Is there something the two of you have in common? You can also ask why she’s chosen to look for love abroad and what she hopes to find in a mate.


Pay Her a Compliment

Everyone loves a compliment, so saying something nice about a lady is a good way to break the ice and make her feel great. It’s hard to go wrong with a compliment, though it’s generally best to avoid remarking on a woman’s figure or sex appeal in the first message.


Share a Photo

Another simple idea is to attach a unique photo to your message, one that isn’t already posted on your profile, and talk a little bit about the pic. It could be a photo of your pet, your family, your hometown, or something special in your life. The women of HRB love to learn more about the men interested in meeting them. However, be sure your pic doesn’t violate Hot Russian Brides’ Terms of Use.

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