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4 Ways to Refresh Your Russian Bride Search

9. September 2011 by Christy 0 Comments

Still haven’t found a special lady on HotRussianBrides.com? Here are 4 ways to refresh your search and improve your chances of finding The Russian One.


Update Your Profile

If you’re having trouble attracting quality matches, perhaps it’s time to tweak your profile. Add new photos, delete old pics, and modify the text in the “About Me” and “Looking For” sections of your profile. Not sure how where to start? Check out our numerous articles offering profile tips and advice.


Search for New Ladies

New ladies join HotRussianBrides.com every day so there’s always someone new to meet. Who knows, perhaps one of our new members is your future wife. To find new ladies, click the “Search” button on HotRussianBrides.com, select “Most Recent” in the “Sort By” box (all the way at the bottom), and then click Search. This will pull up HRB’s newest members.


Search for Different Types of Ladies

It may also help to adjust your search criteria and/or contact ladies you normally wouldn’t consider. Add a year or two to your preferred age range, check out ladies in countries other than Russia or Ukraine, chat up a single mom, or email women who fall outside your average “type.”  You don’t have to drastically change your search criteria or settle for a woman you’re not truly interested in, just be open to ladies who fall slightly outside your ideal search parameters.



Unfortunately, many men take a rather lazy approach to Russian dating, posting minimal or incomplete profiles, sending poorly written emails to the first pretty women they see (regardless of compatibility), and generally making little effort to stand out in the crowd. Are you truly giving Russian dating your best effort? Be honest. As with anything in life, half-hearted efforts yield less than impressive results.

If you’ve been unable to find a special lady on HotRussianBrides.com, than perhaps it’s time to revamp your Russian bride search. Updating your profile, searching for new and different types of ladies, and making an honest effort are four easy ways to get started.