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4 Ways to Strike Up a Conversation with a Woman on HRB

3. October 2012 by Dasha 0 Comments

So you’ve found an intriguing lady (or many intriguing ladies) on Hot Russian Brides and it’s time to make initial contact. There’s just one problem. You have no idea what to say. While it’s natural to be nervous about reaching out to a lady, there’s no reason to avoid contact because you don’t know what to talk about. Here are four ways to strike up a conversation with hot Russian bride to be.

Briefly Introduce Yourself

If you want to get a good conversation going, briefly introduce yourself and try to pique a lady’s curiosity. Many men make the mistake of sharing their whole life story in the first email or chat session, which is fine, expect it then leaves you with little to nothing to say later. When introducing yourself to a lady for the first time, short and sweet is generally the best way to go. Try sharing your name, location, an interesting detail or two, and then a follow up question for the lady.

Chat About Her Profile

A lady’s profile contains a wealth of valuable information, so why not take a look and get talking? You could comment on her username, ask follow up questions about her “About Me” or “Looking For” sections, or explore her extended interview, if applicable. Many ladies also share fun and quirky photos that make for great conversation starters. If you’re worried you’ll forget what to say, prepare a few questions to refer back to.


Comment on Her Introduction Video

Many of the ladies have uploaded introduction videos for men to view and enjoy. An introduction video, also known as a profile video, is simply a short segment in which a woman talks about her life, demonstrates a special talent or hobby, or just poses prettily for the camera. If you’d like to strike up a conversation with a Russian woman, try watching her video and asking relevant questions. 

Dive Into Chat

Of course, the fastest way to start chatting is to contact a lady via instant chat or live video streaming. With video chat, you’ll be able to see a lady on camera and watch her reactions live. You can comment on her smile or outfit (tastefully) as well as use any of the techniques listed above. Try our new video preview feature to find an intriguing lady.

Good luck and happy chatting!