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5 Days 'Till Christmas: Joliesoul Shares Her Holiday Plans

20. December 2011 by Admin 0 Comments

5 days and this magical time of the year will come to life. Helping us countdown to Christmas is the lovely Joliesoul.


What does Christmas mean to you?
Christmas is a holiday that I always associate as a fairytale time of the year. Since our childhood adults have made this holiday associated with pureness and kindness. I think that is what makes Christmas magical and like a mystic fairytale.


Do you have a special Christmas memory from your childhood?
The most memorable of childhood memories was to check whether Santa Claus is real. We would ask him all sorts of tricky questions and pull his beard. These are times I remember well. I love to recount these with my parents and friends.


What do you want Santa Claus/Dyet Moroz to bring you this year?
I wish that this year he give me real love! I wish for him to send the man I have been searching for my way so that I can love him and make him special every day.


What would you like to know about Santa Claus?
I think the parents talked to me about Santa and Christmas enough. It is not interesting to know everything about this holiday because that’s what keeps it fantastic and creates the atmosphere of mystery.


How/where are you celebrating Christmas this year?
This year I plan to celebrate Christmas with my little son and our friends. It will be small and intimate, but I think that is what makes us closer during this holiday.


What is your favorite Christmas time tradition?
The most beloved Christmas tradition I have is to gather with my friends for dinner and then walk through the night under the starry sky, having fun, and then to light some fireworks into the cold dark sky.


Also, it is a tradition in my culture to cook a lot of tasty foods, especially sweets and snacks for the kids and adults, but, undoubtedly, the most important dish is “kutya”, I love it since childhood!