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5 Hottest Bikini Clad Babes

21. November 2018 by Admin 0 Comments

Just because it's winter doesn't mean we can't heat things up a bit by getting to know these incredibly sexy women in bikinis.


The women on Hot Russian Brides are Hot, Hot, Hot and know how to sizzle.


5. MyDreamIsYou

This Bulgarian beauty has a body to die for - and we can't get enough of seeing her gorgeous photos!


So what does she say she is looking for in a lover? 

"I am looking for the right man to spend the rest of my life with. You know what you want, and you go for it. You have a very good sense of humor, and you like to laugh. You make me smile on the rainy days, and I do the same thing for you."

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4. Elfiesta


Green eyed vixen, Elfiesta hails from Ukraine and works as a nurse.  She thinks of herself as a very polite and feminine lady who just loves flowers.


She tells us what she's looking for on HRB:

"I am here to find a loving and caring man, who would be ready to share his life with me. If he is clever, kind, active, likes to laugh and jokes – then he is my type!!"

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#3. ParadaseBabe

The next gorgeous Ukrainian woman to make our list is Paradasebabe. She highly values honesty and trust in a relationship.


Who is this blonde bombshell looking to turn up the heat with?

"I'm looking for a perfect match. For a best friend, my true soul-mate. A person who will love me unconditional and I would love him back. Someone who I can trust fully and completely. The main goal for me is to create a happy family and be forever with my soul-mate."

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#2. HeartChakra

HeartChakra is a fitness trainer and a model - we can tell! This stunning woman is very hard working and loves being in the sun.


She's also looking for someone to settle down with:

"I am looking for a serious man who knows what he wants in life. I would like my man to be mature and responsible for me. In return, you get the most loyal and devoted lady in the world. Are you like this? Would you like to build serious relationships with me, leading to marriage? You can always count on me. I will be with you through thick and thin. I live in reality, not illusion. If this description sounds like you, please, don't hesitate to contact me via mail or chat. The true miracle happens when two hearts come together."

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1. Make9MELoVe0

Another beauty out of Ukraine, this stunner considers giving joy and pleasure to another as one of the best things she can do.  In fact, she is a masseur and loves to put her hands to good use.


But what kind of person does she dream about warming her up at night?

"I need a man who is ready to be my winner. I would like to fulfill his wishes, support him, please me. I believe that behind every great man there is a fragile support - his woman. I would like to help my man in life. But at the same time, I value giving, I want to receive his care and love. I know how to deliver the maximum pleasure to a man (from spiritual intimacy to physical contact). That's why I want to receive this from you. Are you ready?"

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