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5 Questions to Avoid Asking the Women of Hot Russian Brides

6. August 2012 by Dasha 0 Comments

The women of HRB may be easy to chat and flirt with, but men shouldn’t ask them just anything. Here are five questions best left unasked. 

Are you a scammer?

While you have every right to be concerned about Russian scammers, flat out asking a lady if she’s a fraud, a cheat, or a liar rarely ends well, for obvious reasons. If you’re truly worried about a woman’s conduct, notify our customer service department so we may investigate your concerns. 

Can you prove you’re sincere?

Asking women to “prove” their sincerity can come across as rude and overly cynical. Russian dating, like any other form of dating, requires a degree of trust and there are no guarantees when it comes to finding love.

How much?

Russian women aren’t mail order brides, so don’t ask how much they cost or imply the women of HRB are available to the highest bidder. This is true even if you’re joking. After all, no woman wants to feel like a product that can be bought or sold. 

Nice to meet you. Will you marry me?

Though marriage may be your ultimate goal, don’t be in a rush to propose. Despite what some might think, Russian dating isn’t a shortcut to love and marriage, and the women of HRB aren’t eager to marry strangers.

Can you send nude pics?

Some men mistake HRB for an adult chat room, but we’re not that kind of service. Therefore, it’s unwise to ask women for nude photos or to remove clothing during web chats. Men should also avoid sending unsolicited crotch shots.

Though men are free to ask whatever they want, some questions are bound to make a woman feel awkward or cause offense. For best results on HRB, think twice before asking any of the five questions listed above.