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5 Quick Tips to Increase Your Confidence

14. May 2013 by Lorena 0 Comments

On list after list, “confidence” is one of the top qualities that attracts Russian and Ukrainian ladies. And, it’s easy to see the reason why. A confident man feels that he is worth knowing, and others are able to pick that up. Here are a few quick tips to increase your confidence.


Sit Up Straight

Practicing good posture can automatically make you feel more comfortable and self-assured. It helps you look your best. And, you will physically feel better, as well, since it helps prevent back and joint pain, and allows your lungs to expand properly so you breathe better.


Slow Down

If you find yourself rushing to get somewhere or talking too fast, take a deep breath and consciously slow down. People find a slower, more self-assured cadence most trustable. And, you will find that you feel more confident and sure when you take on this habit, as well.


Do Something That You Are Good At

Before sending an email to that gorgeous lady, spend a few minutes doing something that you do well. Shoot some hoops or darts, play a favorite sport, mix a perfect martini – it doesn’t matter what you spend time doing, as long as it is a task that you have mastered. A gentleman feels at his happiest and most confident when he is exercising a skill, no matter how minor. That boost of confidence can carry over into whatever activity you take on next. 


Smile and Laugh

We’ve all heard the phrase “fake it till you make it.” Faking ease and comfort, even when you are feeling a little nervous, can actually help you calm down and truly feel confident. Take deep breaths, consciously relax and smile.


Don’t Get Wound Up In Results

When you log on and send a message or accept a chat request, don’t think beyond having a mutually pleasurable conversation. If you send a message to every single Ukrainian lady with the idea that you are courting your future wife, it can make the interaction nerve-wracking instead of fun. And, meeting beautiful eastern ladies online should be fun. Divorce yourself from expectation, and you will enjoy it all more. And, ironically, that is the time you are most likely to truly meet the one for you.


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