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5 Russian Horror Movies to Watch with a Date

7. October 2009 by Christy 0 Comments

As Halloween approaches and the days grow cool, many couples love to dim the lights, snuggle on the couch, and watch a good horror film. Rather than renting the usual slew of American slasher films this season, why not try a Russian horror flick? Below are five creepy Russian movies sure to spook even the bravest of horror fans. Movie buffs can find all five films on Netflix or any other DVD rental service.


Viy (1967)

Based on the short story written by Ukrainian-born Russian writer Nikolai Gogol, Viy follows the trials and tribulations of a young seminary student forced to pray over the body of a young woman. However, the priest quickly realizes there is more to the young lady than meets the eye. Originally released in 1967, a modern version of the film is scheduled to be released in Russia on October 29.


Dead Daughters (2007)

In this chilling film, three murdered sisters haunt the city of Moscow, killing anyone who dares to behave badly in the three days the girls choose to observe them.Will anybody be able to stop this vengeful trio?




Night Watch (2005)

Wildly popular in Russia, Night Watch follows the lives of supernatural beings known as the “Others,” and the friction between the evil beings who roam the streets as vampires  (forces of darkness) and the good beings who attempt to stop them (forces of light). Based on the popular novels by Russian writer Sergei Lukyanenko, Night Watch is the first movie in the Night Watch trilogy.


Day Watch (2006)

A sequel to Night Watch, Day Watch follows the struggles of Anton, a powerful man fighting for the forces of light, as he attempts to save his son from the forces of darkness. Seeking to preserve the fragile peace between the two sides proves to be quite a challenge, even for a seasoned fighter like Anton.



The Abandoned (2007)

The Abandoned is the tale of an adopted woman who returns to her birth country of Russia to claim an unexpected inheritance. After a series of series of strange events, she quickly realizes that something is terribly wrong on the seemingly quaint farm she now owns.