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5 Things That Ladies Love to Hear

10. June 2013 by Lorena 0 Comments

What can you say to a lady to make her feel great? These questions and phrases all let her know how much you value her, and make her want to keep chatting with you.


Tell me about your day.

Showing a genuine interest in her is a great way to build her interest in you. And, phrasing it in this manner avoids the trap of shooting off an uncomfortable stream of rapid-fire questions.


Your hair looks great today.

She’ll appreciate the fact that you appreciate the effort she goes to to look great. Take special notice of things like new dresses, a change in hair style and even specially done nails to score points with that special lady.


You have a great sense of humor.

A good sense of humor is something that ladies love in a man. And, they like it when their own wit and humor is appreciated, too. If she says something that makes you laugh and brightens up your day, make sure that you let her know.


What do you think about [fill in the blank]?

Whether the subject is the newest episode of your favorite music show, current politics or anything else, ask her what she thinks. Ladies love a gentleman who is interested in her thoughts and feelings.


I’m looking forward to planning a future with you.

One caveat: this is one you should hold off on until the two of you have been chatting for a while. But, once you are both comfortable, this is a phrase that lets her know that you are serious.


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