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5 Things That Make a Gentleman More Attractive

26. April 2013 by Lorena 0 Comments

You don’t need to have model good looks and a seven-figure salary to attract the attention of Ukrainian ladies. There are many qualities that the average gentleman can cultivate that ladies love. 



A gentleman who expresses hesitance, self-doubt and questions about his self-worth inadvertently signals that others should, too. But, a gentleman who is comfortable with himself and self-assured is one that others will value, too.



A gentleman who is comfortable with his own emotions and sensitive to his lady’s makes quite a catch. Express emotion and affection, and she’ll feel comfortable doing that for you, as well.


Good Grooming

A gentleman who is well put-together comes across much better. Buy clothes that fit well and flatter your shape and coloring. Go to a stylist or barber you trust and get a cut that suits your face. Keep up with daily grooming. Ladies notice when you put care into your appearance and they appreciate it.



Manners in Ukraine are more traditional than they are in the US. Ukrainian ladies appreciate a gentleman who opens doors for her, offers his arm when walking down the street, and who offers to carry heavy packages. These small gestures show her you care.


A Sense of Humor

Being able to laugh at yourself, find humor in situations and to appreciate good comedy are all things that make you more attractive to ladies. When you chat with Ukrainian ladies, tell jokes and funny anecdotes, and make sure to laugh at the ones that she shares, too. Sharing a laugh with that special lady can make the two of you feel closer, and help the progress of your romance.



Photo: sxc.hu user alifarid