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5 Tips for Dating a Luscious Libra

21. September 2018 by Admin 0 Comments


The Libra woman is the epitome of kindness, beauty, and harmony. 


As we enter into Libra season (September 23 - October 22) let's get to know about some of the gorgeous Libras on Hot Russian Brides and strategies to sweep them off their feet.


Looking for a beauty like SweetAngelK (510825)? Maybe the answer to her heart is written in the stars. 



#1. Lay on the Charm


Libra women love being complimented and your sincerity when doing so will make her swoon.


Don't take this to mean she is conceited, she just wants you to let her know when there is something about her that you admire.

So let those compliments fly!

Libras like AlluringLips (844272) love it when you compliment them - shouldn't be hard to come up with a few! 



#2. They Love to be in Love

A Libra woman is a hopeless romantic and when she falls for you she will fall hard.


Once they find "the one", that person will be their first thought in the morning and their last thought at night. 

Catch yourself a Libra if you want to be the center of their world!


LibreAngel (613176) can't wait to fall in love - you could be the one! 



#3. She has a Taste for the Finer Things

When dating a Libra, your best bet for a  first night out is to an elegant restaurant and a romantic moonlight walk. 


A fancy date isn't always necessary though as she'll also appreciate a  cozy date in a coffee house or catching a foreign film at a movie house.

Don't forget to bring her a gift such as flowers or candy - she'll melt.


Women like Ariel_Beauty (182587) love being wined and dined on a first date 



#4. She's Indecisive

As her zodiac symbol may suggest (the scales), she isn't the quickest to come to a decision.


But this trait can also help when in a disagreement as the Libra woman can see both sides of an argument with ease.

Help her out with decisions by planning your dates and surprising her!


Women like Blondesasha (672889) appreciate a man who can make the decisions



#5. They are Social Yet Shy

A Libra is known to be a social butterfly, expect her to be the most popular person in the room when you go out (don't worry though, she'll only have eyes for you). 


On the other hand, this lady also loves a quiet night at home curling up with you on the couch.

She's the best of both worlds.

Sunny1Day (713589) loves to go out on the town but she can't wait to cuddle with you at home 



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