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5 Tips for Effective Dating Profiles

13. May 2013 by Lorena 0 Comments

Blonde UkrainianInternational dating is, in many ways, very much like any other online dating experience. The first impression you and a special lady will have of one another is through your respective profiles. Don't skip through this important step too quickly; a high quality profile can make all the difference in online dating success. 


Picking the Best Username

The first decision a gentleman must make when signing up on Hot Russian Brides® is the choice of a username. This handle will contribute significantly to the first impression a gentleman makes on a Ukrainian lady, so, the name should be chosen with care. We advise picking a name that tells something about you and about your interests. For instance, a baseball fan might choose a name that incorporates his favorite team. 


Taking the Best Profile Photos

Take several photos specifically for your international dating profile. One, of course, should be a nice portrait that can serve as your main profile picture. Consider dressing in a neat suit and tie, as Ukrainians tend to be more formal. For other pictures, take some photos around town enjoying your favorite activities. Make sure photos are well-lit and show you to your very best advantage.


What Goes Into an Attractive Profile Description?

The trick is to give as much enticing information about yourself as you can in just a few words. Don’t waste any profile space on generic descriptions. These reveal little about you. Everyone likes to laugh, for instance. But, if you have an unusual job or hobby, that is something that stands out.

Also, use a little of your profile description space to talk about what sort of relationship you are seeking, and what sort of lady with whom you feel you can be most compatible.


Have a Friend Read Your Profile

Or, at least read carefully so that you can assure that your profile is free of sentence fragments and spelling errors that could be confusing to non-native speakers. Try to determine whether the photos and description you have included can help an interested lady get to know you a bit.


Update Regularly

It is good to revisit your profile photos and description periodically to polish them up. You might find that, over time, you develop a clearer idea of what you are looking for in a lady. Or, you may have an opportunity to take better photos. By rereading your profile every now and then, you can assure that your profile does the job of attracting the attention of a special Ukrainian girl.


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