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5 Tips for Writing a Loving Email

1. October 2012 by Masha 0 Comments

When you've been corresponding with a Russian woman for a while on HotRussianBrides.com, you may want to get a little more emotional in your letters. The ladies are known for expressing their feelings pretty freely, but it's often wise for gentlemen to keep their emails brief until they really start feeling a connection. 


Here are five simple tips for writing a loving email.


First, keep it positive. Don't mention how sad or depressed you are because you're not together. Instead, talk about how happy or fortunate you feel because you've gotten the opportunity to meet someone like her. Include specific details as to why you're so thankful for your relationship.


Next, share some success that's been going on in your life. Ladies like confident, hard working men who make things happen. Whether it's a home project you're accomplishing, some great progress at your job, or any other life goal you're getting closer to completing, sharing a few details will make her feel happy and proud of you.


Also, ask what's new in her life. Follow up on some information she may have shared in her last email to keep that flow of correspondence going. She'll likely be eager to tell you all about it and she'll feel excited that you sincerely want to know.


Sprinkle in a few sentences about the future. Tell her you had a dream that you were living happily ever after together and doing some of your favorite things like cooking dinner, walking on the beach, or attending a baseball game. Find some attractions in her town that you'd like to see and ask her about them, hinting that you want to plan a trip to visit her soon.


Lastly, attach a photo of yourself right at that very moment. It doesn't take long to snap a pic, upload it to your computer, and then upload it to your attachments. Sending her current, fresh photos as often as you can is sure to excite her.  


Every gentleman has his own unique writing style, but by including these simple tips, you may receive more favorable replies from your favorite ladies.