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8 Tips for Quality Profile Pics

18. April 2013 by Dasha 0 Comments

Profile pics are one of the most important pieces of an online dating profile. However, many singles, especially men, post less than impressive images. Are you one of them? Here are a few simple tips for taking high-quality pics.


Photo Don’ts 

Avoid bad lighting! If your face is obscured by shadows or difficult to see, you definitely need a different pic. Natural light is a good bet as long as you’re not squinting into the sun or standing directly in front of it.


Stay in focus. Blurry pics not only obscure your appearance, but suggest you’re trying to hide something or are too lazy to take a better photo.  


Avoid cropping if you can. Awkward cropping is distracting, especially if you’ve cut someone out of the photo or have framed your body in a strange way.


Just say no to crotch shots and nudity! Sexually explicit material not only violates HRB’s Terms of Use, but fails to impress the women of HRB.


Photo Do’s

Smile! Just about everyone looks better when they smile, so why not show joy in your profile pics? 


Dress up and look your best in profile pictures. Dress and shave like you would if you were taking a Russian woman out on a date. 


Include a variety of poses. If all of your photos are headshots or pics taken from a distance, it may seem as if you’re hiding something. 


Keep the focus on you. If possible, avoid photos with busy backgrounds or groups of people.  


Profile pics are important. There’s just no way around it. To have the best possible chance of attracting a quality match, follow the eight simple tips listed above.