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A Day in the Life of a Ukrainian Woman

30. August 2012 by Dasha 0 Comments

Ever wonder how the women of HRB spend a typical day? Here’s what a few ladies had to say about their day-to-day life in Ukraine. Though the women come from a foreign country, you may surprised to learn that their lives are not that different than your own.


They Go to Work or School

Most women on Hot Russian Brides work or go to school. In fact, some ladies hold more than one job in order to save money and better prepare for the future. Not only that, but the women of HRB work in a variety of fields and are passionate about what they do.

“I work by day as a tour manager, and my spare time is spent developing my own business,” Jewell said in her extended interview. “It’s a very exciting venture and I am learning a lot about how hard I can push myself to success.”

Ksusha92, Miss Divine’s Miss Popular, also loves her job.

“I tutor private English classes to students,” she said. “My schedule is very flexible, so this allows me the luxury to plan my day as I wish. I am blessed that this gives me more free time for myself, hobbies, and friends.”

Though her schedule isn’t as flexible as Ksusha’s, Irinka30 works two jobs to give her daughter a solid start in life.

“At the moment I am working 13 hours a day so I do not have much free time,” she told HRB. “I have two jobs. First, I work as a chief manager at a fitness club, and second I manage at sports clothing store. I am raising my daughter alone. I want to be able to give her a good education and that is why I work so hard.”

They Spend Time on Hobbies

However, Ukrainian women don’t spend all of their time working. They also enjoy a variety of hobbies when not busy with work or school

“My work is not everything,” writes Tiana11 (above). “In the evenings I like to go out with my friends or watch movies. I do what I want to do.”
MagicStone, 25, also enjoys hanging out with friends.

“I have many friends and we love so much to spend our free time together,” she said in her extended interview. “We attend cinemas, sport clubs, swimming pools, skating-rinks; we love to have picnics with nature. My friends are very cheerful and I have a lot of fun with them.”  

Spending time outdoors is also a popular pastime. Just ask LiliyaFower.

“I like to stay active,” she said. “If the weather permits, I will choose to spend the time outside having a BBQ or just walking around and breathing the fresh air.”

They Chat with Western Men Online

Of course, the women of HRB also make time for Russian dating. Many ladies travel to an agency after work or school to check their email and chat with foreign men. The prospect of meeting new people and finding love is just too exciting to resist.

“It's very interesting for me to visit another country, but to meet a MAN from another country is the coolest,” LiliyaFlower said. “We have a lot to speak about - our different traditions, countries, national holidays, and dishes. I can teach him Russian and he can teach my how to cook an American pie!”

Though Prettiest endures a taxing commute to chat with Western men, she believes the hassle is more than worth it.

“I take the bus to the agency to chat as their internet connection is better than mine at home,” she told HRB. “It usually takes me about 45 minutes. I think foreign men are more romantic than the men of my country. Joining our cultures and our love together makes sense to me.”
Hot Russian Brides is also a big part of Jewell’s life, and she loves the anticipation that comes with awaiting a message from a special gentleman.

“It reminds me of simpler times when you impatiently wait for every letter to arrive,” she said. “And that leads to the excitement of the moment you connect in some way with him. The excitement that he may be there today is intoxicating to me."
As always, the best way to get to know the ladies of HRB is to speak with them directly, be it via email, chat, or live video streaming. If you’re ready to learn something new right now, head on over to our new video auto-pilot feature and start chatting now!