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A Guide to Character Limits and Requirements on HotRussianBrides.com

26. January 2010 by Gregg 0 Comments

While using our site to communicate with some of the hottest Russian and Ukrainian ladies in the world, members may want to keep in mind the character limits on various parts of the site. These have been set up for various reasons, including the time required for translators to work, along with the logistic requirements to deliver and send messages from thousands of Russian brides and Kiev girls.

The character limits for communicating with Russian beauties are important to keep in mind, as not only will it allow you to plan the length of your message, but it will also keep in mind an important aspect of communication with ladies who don’t speak English as a first language: Clarity. Being absolutely straightforward and stating your thoughts in clear terms will help build understanding with Russian and Ukraine brides and help avoid miscommunication.

Create your Russian Dating Service Username

When creating your username, make sure that it is between 6 to 12 characters long. This should be an easy-to-remember word or handle, as it will serve as your log-in details and your online moniker when using our Russian dating site. Please be absolutely sure you are completely happy with this before creating it, as once you have created a Username, it is usually not possible to change it.

Design your Profile to attract Russian women to marry

Creating your profile should be the easiest thing in the world, simply describe yourself in 50 characters or more in the “About Me” section, and then describe the type of Ukraine lady you seek in 50 characters or more in the “Looking For” section. Still, members may have trouble with these sections. To some, describing yourself and essentially promoting your qualities to your potential Russian dates may come as second nature, but to others it will not. This is why we have put together some handy guides to creating a profile. Please remember when using the “About Me” and “Looking For” sections, they must both be at least 50 characters long and up to 1,500 characters long. 

Communicate with Russian Single Women through Email 

Communication is crucial in any relationship, and HotRussianBrides.com provides you with one of the most powerful communication tools in the international dating world with its Email messaging service. When looking for women, it is important to try and keep your conversations as clear as you can. The character limit for Email communication will be around 3800 characters per email. Please make absolutely sure that you keep this in mind when writing emails and focus on making your messages understandable and as to-the-point as possible.