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A Lady’s Intentions and Russian Bride Scams

11. August 2010 by Christy 0 Comments

A Russian bride scam is when a Russian or Ukrainian woman participates on an international matchmaking site like HotRussianBrides.com with NO romantic intentions. She instead only views the site and its gentlemen members as a way to obtain material goods like money, gifts, a green card, etc.

While this definition seems straightforward enough, it’s often impossible to prove a lady's intentions as one can never truly see into the mind of another person. This is unfortunate as the majority of Russian scammer arguments are based on the assumption that a lady’s intentions are bad. 


Signs a Lady May Have Bad Intentions

So, what are the signs of bad intentions? If a lady requests money or gifts, especially from men she has only chatted with a couple of times, she likely has ulterior motives. That is why HotRussianBrides.com forbids the ladies from making such requests, requires the women to state (on video) that they understand and agree to abide by the no solicitation policy, and investigates and deactivates ladies who break the rules.


Things That Are NOT Signs of Bad Intentions

In contrast, a refusal to marry or sleep with a gentleman, a relationship that goes sour, unrequited love, or the inability or unwillingness to comply with a male suitor’s request, are NOT signs that the lady never had romantic intentions and is thus a scammer. It simply means she is an individual who cannot be controlled (a good thing!). Sadly, many (most?) scam accusations come about because a gentleman did not have realistic expectations and/or he feels heartbroken and rejected because his relationship with a Russian woman did not work out.

Despite the general perception of the Russian dating/mail order bride industry, men cannot buy women or expect them to behave a certain way simply because they pay service fees and the ladies do not. This basic fact does mean the Russian women on HotRussianBrides have bad intentions or that they are scammers.


Many of the scammer tales men have posted online are based on the assumption that the lady in question never had good intentions. However, please keep in mind that intentions are difficult, if not impossible to prove, and the gentlemen may have simply misunderstood a lady, had unrealistic expecations, or a combination of the two. In short, take all scam stories with a grain of salt and don't let them control or derail your own search for a Russian bride.