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Abnormally Hot Weather Plagues Russia

20. July 2010 by Christy 0 Comments

Record temperatures in Russia have given a whole new meaning to the phrase “hot Russian brides.”

A scorching heat wave has plagued the country since mid-June, causing temperatures to hover around 90 degrees Fahrenheit (30 degrees Celsius). At 92.5 degrees, Friday was the hottest July 16th in Moscow’s recorded history, a record previously set in 1938. The unprecedented heat has wilted crops, ignited fires, melted roads, and caused hundreds of people to drown. The majority of Russian buildings do not have air conditioners.

On a lighter note, a few women in Moscow have attempted to beat the heat by sunbathing in bikinis, while other citizens cool off in the city’s fountains, swimming pools, and water parks. Ice cream and soft drink sales have also skyrocketed, in some cases up to 300% to 400%.

Forecasters predict Russia will receive some relief this weekend as a cool front is expected to bring lower temperatures and intermittent rain.

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