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Acknowledge Aleksandras on May 6th! (Pics!)

5. May 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

Beautiful Ukrainian bride, AlexOne

Aleksandra, or Alexandra, is a strong, powerful name shared by many Russian and Ukrainian women. It’s the feminine variant of the Greek name Alexander. It means “protector of man” and is often associated with courage and prestige.


Several women of royalty have been given this name, such as Aleksandra Feodorovna, wife of Nicholas II, the last Czar of Russia, and Grand Duchess Alexandra Georgievna of Russia. Other famous Alexandras include Alexandra Kollontai, writer and politician who became the world’s first female ambassador, and Alexandra Tolstoy, the youngest daughter of the noted Russian novelist Leo Tolstoy.


There are over 100 nicknames and variations of the name Alexandra. Many Russian women prefer Sasha, Sashenka, Shura, and Shurochka as traditional Russian nicknames, but some have also adopted the more Western versions like Alex, Lexi, Lexa, and Sandy.


Have you met these alluring Aleksandras yet? Congratulate them on their name day and find out which endearing alias they prefer. You can click on the photos to view their profiles. Maybe your future Russian bride is right here!


Sexy "Sashulya" from Simferopol!

Gorgeous Ukrainian girl, Sashulka

Pretty lady from Poltava, SashaLove

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Romantic Russian bride, Alexxxandra

Stunning Ukrainian single, ShishkovAlex

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Hot Russian bride, Aleksandra22

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Attractive Ukrainian woman, Alexandra31

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Beautiful Ukrainian bride, Aleksandra79

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