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After Your First Russian Bride Trip, What's Next?

17. July 2013 by Masha 0 Comments

Men all around the world have an affinity for Russian and Ukrainian women. Exchanging emails and conversing through live video chat is great, but traveling to meet them for the first time is a life changing experience.


However, the vacation must come to an end, and once guys return home, they are often left wondering what happens next.


If things go well and a gentleman thoroughly enjoys meeting a particular lady, he may consider making additional trips. He shouldn’t be afraid of holding off on marriage until after he has visited his favorite Russian lady multiple times. Marriage is the ultimate commitment, especially an intercultural union, and a couple needs to be sure that they really want to spend the rest of their lives together.


Rather than visiting her country for a second or third time, a fun way to get to know each other more is to arrange a vacation together in another exotic location. With both parties being out of their comfort zones, they can really find out if they are able to mesh well together.


Once a bachelor feels a solid connection with his Ukrainian bride and is ready to propose, he should always remember to pop the question in person. It’s common to get so excited and overwhelmed with emotion that he may send it in an email or burst it out over the phone. This is obviously an important step in the relationship so it should be heartfelt and romantic, which works best face to face.


Once a Russian bride happily accepts a gentleman’s proposal, the complex immigration process begins. Paperwork, interviews, and documented communication are just a few of the requirements. Men usually understand at the start of their search that this can be a costly and lengthy process, so some research the policies well ahead of time to prevent any unexpected expenses. Many times they receive assistance and suggestions from their Russian dating service on where to go for accurate information. International marriage and immigration regulations differ in every country so it’s essential to consult the right resources.


Not every visit to Russia or Ukraine will result in a love match and while it may be extremely disappointing, it doesn’t mean the end of a gentleman’s Russian bride dreams. Some guys have traveled several times before finding their future wives. They’ve used every trip as a valuable learning experience and became much more prepared with every journey.


Knowing what to expect before and after these iconic adventures helps men have more success in improving their lives with hot Russian wives!