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Age Difference – Does it Matter?

29. October 2009 by Daniel 0 Comments

Other than the stunning beauty of the many Russian ladies featured on HotRussianBrides.com, the first thing you are likely to notice about them will be their respective ages. With many of the ladies in their early 20’s, you may wonder if it is even possible to develop a relationship with a woman significantly younger than yourself. It is certainly possible. You just have to make it happen.


Age is Just a Number

When getting to know a Russian woman online, it is important to remember to think of her in terms of who she is individually as a person, rather than based on her age. You must learn to like her because of who she is, her individual interests and passions, and not because of how old she is. While it might seem thrilling to think of yourself as an older gentleman dating a 20-something Russian woman, keep in mind how you might feel if your Russian bride thought of you purely in terms of your age.


Focus on Your Similar Interests

More than likely, a difference in age between you and your Russian bride will produce some differences in specific tastes in movies, music, pop culture, etc. The songs and bands that were popular when you were growing up may be totally unknown – and unappealing – to her. In the same way, you may not particularly like some of the pop cultural items of her generation.


You should therefore try to figure out some common interests that you both share and work on cultivating a relationship based around those interests. If you are both fans of the outdoors, talk about a hiking trip you may have taken or are planning to take and ask her about any outdoor adventures she experienced. If you both enjoy cooking, share some favorite recipes. The possibilities are endless – and they will go a long way toward building a foundation for a long-lasting relationship.


What Makes Russian Women Want Older Men?

Unlike women in many western countries, many Russian women prefer to pursue relationships specifically with older men. This has less to do with the financial security that some older men are able to provide and more to do with the maturity, stability and readiness for commitment that older men possess. Older men are more likely to have a steady job, a home, and a desire to settle down and start a family than younger men. Russian women are very family-oriented and therefore seek out men who are able to provide a stable and secure home environment.


A significant age difference in a relationship will only be an issue if you let it become one. The key is to focus on your similar interests and what you and your Russian bride have to offer each other. View our Featured Couples page to read stories about real men who maintain happy relationships with their young Russian brides.