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All You Can Eat Meat at PivBar

21. June 2013 by Masha 0 Comments


Churrasco is the Spanish term for grilled beef or meat so some call PivBar a steakhouse; an all-you-can-eat steakhouse! Every 15 minutes, more meat is delivered to your table for one flat fee.


While it’s also referred to as the beer and beef bar, other meats like chicken, pork, veal and lamb are on the menu, along with spicy pineapple, mackerel, pickles and bread.


Located near the Monument to Kyiv’s Founders on Maiden Nezalezhnosti, PivBar boasts an industrial décor. Before you dive into the meat dishes, decide on a beer. Each week, a secret beer is available that’s not on the menu so be sure to ask the server.


You can also enjoy your brew in a large Mason jar with a salted fish for a sidecar.


If you’re not a beer drinker, try the homemade lemonade or apple cider.


Then, if you want the full experience, go with the Churrasco XXL meal, comprising of 11 meats and vegetables. You start with an appetizer plate covered with bread, salads, olives, potatoes, pickles, and various sauces. Then, long skewers pierced into different meats begin arriving on your table every 15 minutes.


The spicy pineapple is saved for last. Hot off the grill, it’s seasoned with 12 spices and PivBar may be the only place that serves this uniquely delicious dessert.


With a DJ on Fridays and live bands on Saturdays, consider taking your favorite Ukrainian girl during your next trip to Kyiv!



Source: PivBar