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Am I Really Chatting with Hot Russian Brides?

12. July 2011 by Michelle 0 Comments

Singles who search for soul mates online can’t help wondering if they’re interacting with who they think they are. International dating sites can cause even more suspicion, due to stereotypes and internet stories.


However, HotRussianBrides.com implements a few features to help gentlemen worry less and woo Russian women more.


One is by confirming the ladies’ identities before they can begin using the site.


“In response to feedback and suggestions from male clients, we launched a Video Validation process, requiring all Eastern European women to read and sign an agreement on camera in order to maintain an active profile," says the CEO of HotRussianBrides.com. “In this agreement, the women agree to follow the site's Terms of Use, as well as make declarations such as her pledge not to accept any compensation from any person in exchange for using the service, that she is using the service of her own free will, and that she will not ask male clients for money or material gifts.


Another feature allows gentlemen to watch the ladies on web cams.


“We were the first in the industry to offer live video streaming, allowing our male clients to personally validate the women they were chatting with in real time,” says the CEO.


One more feature is the Introduction Videos, recorded by the ladies themselves. These show the singles singing, dancing, demonstrating their hobbies, and much more. The videos help men get to know the ladies better and calm their concerns about phony profiles.


No other Russian dating site goes this far to ensure its members protection. If gentlemen still have concerns, they’re welcome to contact the Customer Service Team for professional assistance.