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American-Built Toyota Venza Coming to Russia and Ukraine

26. February 2013 by Lorena 0 Comments

Soon, one of the things you and your Ukrainian sweetheart have in common could include the brand of car you drive.


Toyota has a new import car on the market – but, this one will be built at their factory in Kentucky and sold in Russian and Ukraine. Production on the Toyota Venza starts in April. The car will be shipped to Ukraine and Russia starting in summer of this year. The Venza has already been sold successfully in the South Korean market.


The Venza is based on the Camry sedan. The car has a 2.7 liter 182-horsepower engine. The panoramic roof, roomy interior and low-loading trunk make it a comfortable and convenient daily drive. Toyota hopes to sell 5000 Venzas a year to drivers in Russia and Ukraine.


Toyota North America president Shigeki Terashi said that the Venza project will help solidify the company’s American manufacturing base. In 2012, Toyota exported 124,000 US-made vehicles to markets that include Russia and South Korea.


At the current time, Toyota sells an assortment of four SUVs and cross-over vehicles in Russia; the Venza wagon will be their fifth.


Photo: KM.ru