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An Extended Interview With Miss November, Irinka28!

3. December 2010 by Christy 0 Comments

Irinka28, a 29-year-old Leo from Ukraine, is HotRussianBride.com's Miss November! Here is an extended interview with the lovely lady from Cherkassy. Find out what makes Irinka laugh, cry, and why she decided to look for love online.


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On Looking for Love on HotRussianBrides


Why have you decided to extend your search for love online?

You know I just do not want to talk bad about Ukrainian men but I really wanted to find my love partner from different culture that is why I am here, I wanted to find a man who knows how to treat his lady – with love and respect.  And my friend was on this site and she advised me about it. Why online? Because when you are talking online you begin to feel the soul and heart of the other person through letters and chat, you can talk to people from different countries and get to know more about their life, culture, traditions.



What do you find most appealing in a man?

I value more character than the appearance so - Honestly, kindness, openness, maturity. A man should not be perfect, he just should be someone who is ready to give and get love, no matter if he is handsome or not, no matter if he is rich or poor, the main thing is that my soulmate should be a HUMAN with his strong and weak sides.


What are the qualities that you seek in your future husband that are most important to you?

Kindness, honesty, always ready to help, a man who can listen, a  man who likes to surprise his woman with no reason. A man likes to feel weak in strong hands of her man, it is what I want. Sense of humour, loyalty and  sincerity are qualities that I appreciate very much.


What are you most curious to know about life in another country?

Actually I am curious to know everything that is why I always ask questions about culture, food, music and so on. I like to travel very much because every country is so different and before I joined this site I have read a lot about different countries in the world. So I will appreciate if my man will tell me many things about his motherland. And I will tell you things you never knew about Ukraine.


What do you find enjoyable about chatting online?

I think that on internet people can get to know each other even better than if they met in the bar or a night club, why? I will explain… If you meet for your date in the bar for example you are attracted more with the body, but when you chat online or write letters you ask different kinds of questions and a person begins to fall in love with your maturity, with your soul and heart and it is I think the most important in life, because when you get old your physical beauty will disappear but your soul will be  beautiful like on your first date. So I prefer to get to know each other first chatting online and writing letters and then to meet in person, and on this first meeting we both will feel that it is our first real date BUT we know each other like no one else, like we were together the whole life.


Why have you chosen to seek a husband from another country?

I have read a lot about dating sites, about people from different countries and I realized that men there have the same qualities that I was looking for, I mean in Ukraine it is so different, most men do not value the relationship, it is more like a habit for them but I wanted a real love – to feel that I am loved, to feel that I am not taken for granted, to take care of my man. A lot of people think that Ukrainian women are looking for a better life and want just to move to a foreign country and that is why they join dating sites, but it is not like that. As for me I can be happy everywhere but with a right man, no matter where - in Ukraine or in some other country, so if my man would prefer to live in my country it is ok for me but if my man would want me to move, it is also ok for me.

Were do you usually need to go to check your email?

At the agency or my neighbor who is also my good friend allows me to use her computer.





On Her Lifestyle

What is your current living situation?

I live in the apartment with my  beautiful daughter Vlada who will be 8 years old this month.


How long does it take you to commute from your home or job to the agency? Do you take a bus? Walk?

I live not very close to the agency, it takes me about 20 minutes by a bus to get to the agency office, I work many hours but after work I come to the agency where everyone is very nice to me, I met there really nice people who always meet me with a smile and warm tea with cookies)))))) And even when I am not chatting online I just come to the agency because I feel well there. My work is about 15 minutes walk from the agency so during the dinner break I also go there.


Walk us through a typical day in your life?

My typical day is almost every day the same, in the morning I walk with my daughter to her school, after that I go to work, I begin at 8 a.m and finish work at 15.00, then I begin my second job and finish at 21.30 p.m, Of course every week my shedule is different, sometimes I begin to work later, sometimes earlier.


Please tell us about your profession

I have 2 jobs – I work as a chief manager at fitness club and I work as a manager at sports clothes store. I like my job at fitness club very much because it gives me opportunity to be in a good shape, I work as a manager, not a trainer but during the dinner break or after work I do some training to be in a good shape. As a chief manager I work with clients, do paper work, work on new projects, order new gym apparatus, equipments, also travel to different cities in Ukraine to present our fitness club where we have branches.


Do you attend University? What is your discipline of study?

I graduated from the University 6 years ago. I studied management and economy.


Do you have children? Do you want children?

I have a daughter, Vlada. Do I want more children? You know if my future husband will want children I will give us children but if my husband will not want having more kids, it is ok for me.


How do you spend your leisure time? You weekends?

I like to be outdoors very much, since my childhood I love fishing, boating, I like to walk in the forest, to pick mushrooms, to have picnics, I really like sleeping in the tent. In winter I go to the forest with my daughter to sledge or ski. When the weather is fine and warm we go to the river or ride a bicycle. I also like to spend time at home watching movies, reading, cooking. I like to watch sport games, I like cinema.

On weekend I play with Vlada a lot we like to paint and sing, of course we are not very good singers because the neighbor’s dog begins to howl when we sing))) I am not kidding, it is true) I guess this dog just has no idea about singing))) or he has))))))


Tell us about your family, do you have siblings? 

I have a daughter, my mom and dad who are together already so many years, they are not only at home together, they work together already 30 years. And are married 40 years already. I have a brother, I am very close to my family, we help each other a lot and have very good relations.


What is your favorite cuisine? Do have a have a favorite food?

I love Ukrainian food, I love sushi very much, fruits, sweets, actually I am not a picky eater and can eat everything.





On Her Dreams


Is there anyone in history (past or present) you wish you could meet for just one day?

Jesus… Because he is the greatest person of all the times – past and present.

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

I dream to see Paris, it is a very romantic city, city of love. A lot of people dream to see it, I am one of them, you will ask me why this place? I have the answer – because it is Paris, a dream…

On What Makes Her Happy, Sad

What makes you happy?

Child’s laughing, when I see my friend and family who are healthy and happy. I am happy when life is passing by and I know that I have done smth for what  I am proud, that I have done something for someone, I am happy when I am together with people I love.
And I am happy that you have chosen me to be miss November))))

What makes you sad?

Lies, indifferent people,  unfairness, rudeness, cheatings.


What makes you laugh?

Good jokes, funny animals)





On Her Country and Culture 


Tell us something about your culture that you would like to share with your future partner.

Did you know that for breakfast here we can eat soups, mashed potatoes, fried meat , fish or rice? We do not have a special food that is exactly eaten for breakfast, In Ukraine we do not have any time for breakfast, dinner or supper, here people eat when they are hungry and it can be at different times.

Did you know that on New Year we cook 12 different dishes? Why 12? Because a year has 12 months so we cook 12 different dishes on the celebration day. A table should be full of food,  there should not be even small  empty place on the table, if you will see Ukrainian festive table on the New Year you will think this food is for 200 people but in fact it is only for 20 people or less.

Did you know that in every city in Ukraine there are many homeless animals everywhere, they walk like people everywhere,  I know that in most other countries it is hard to meet at least one dog without the owner but In Ukraine you will see so many of them and everywhere.

My country is very interesting, these are only some facts I told you, but there are much more, so if you are interested we can meet in my country and you will see with your own eyes that Ukraine differs from all other countries you have ever seen.


There are so many aspects but if you want to know all, just ask me))