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Angelina Jolie Wows Russians at Moscow Premiere of “Salt”

26. July 2010 by Christy 0 Comments

Clad in a dazzling dress that she referred to as “Russian red,” Angelina Jolie wowed fans at the Moscow premiere of “Salt”. Jolie signed autographs, posed for photos, and even attempted to speak a little Russian at Sunday’s event. Her efforts weren’t lost on the appreciative audience.

"When I saw this woman I started shaking,” said Dasha Vorontzova, 21. “She came to Russia for the first time in this [95 degree] heat. She said a Russian word and she signed autographs for so long."

The audience also appeared to appreciate the much-anticipated spy thriller, especially the parts that referenced Russia and the main character’s Russian heritage. Such scenes inspired loud cheers and thunderous applause. A scene of Jolie in a fur hat was particularly popular.

Reporters attempted to quiz Jolie about real-life spy Anna Chapman, but the actress declined to comment merely stating "you don't want to focus on the negative behind this issue of the spy swap because I think that what is happening between our countries is wonderful these days, so many positive movements forward."

“Salt” opened in the United States at number two this weekend, bringing in an impressive $36.5 million. The film officially opens in Russian on July 29.


Source: MSNBC, NYDailyNews