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Anna Kournivova Teaches Us About Russian Ring Etiquette

10. July 2009 by Admin 0 Comments

There are some reports of Russian tennis star/model Anna Kournikova wearing a flashy diamond ring. Kournikova, who has long been linked to singer Enrique Iglesias, showed up for Monday night's World Team Tennis match with a huge diamond ring on her left ring finger — the finger normally reserved for engagement rings.


But did you know that in Russian and Ukraine, the right hand is the traditional place for engagement and wedding rings? Also, Russian wedding protocol is quite different from the US. For example, there are no bridesmaids, a best man and flower girls. So if you are courting a Russian or Ukrainian lady, don’t be discouraged if you see a ring on her left hand… she may be single.


Also, when sending flowers to a Russian lady, do not send a dozen! Even numbers of flowers are only given at funerals. Odd numbers are for all other occasions, so give 11 or 13. This rule does not apply to mixed bouquets and arrangements. Yellow flowers should be used with care since in some regions of Russia and Ukraine there is still an old prejudice saying that it is a sigh of bad luck and signifies the end of the affair. Still some women love yellow flowers, but we would advise using them with great care.


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