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Anonymous Comments about Russian Single Women

18. March 2010 by Gregg 0 Comments

In the world of Russian bride scams Blacklists and Blogs, frequently you will see people hiding behind pseudonyms and anonymity to avoid accountability for their statements. However, a trend is emerging on many review and social networking websites that allows people to post comments without having any account or name whatsoever.

Working off of these “Anonymous” review sites, unscrupulous people are able to post what is often false and misleading information over and over; either using assumed names or even no names at all. While these posts would just be seen as the work of an annoying flooder on another forum, on these “anonymous” forums, they are often regarded as separate opinions from different people.

When communicating with Russian ladies and Kiev girls, it is always important to be as careful as you can and ensure that you let us know if you ever come across anyone misusing the site. In these cases though, it is just as important that you view sources of information like this as carefully as you do the Russian women and Ukraine brides you communicate with and the Russian marriage agencies that you work with.

Always be wary of Russian dating scam blacklist sites, and be sure to check them out. Google them to see if anyone has received bad advice from them, check their contact page to make sure that they have a phone number or a physical address. Watch out for any advertising on the page, if they’re selling ads to their recommended websites, you may want to think twice as any advice they give could be bought-and-paid for by these other websites.

If at any point, you have a question about a lady, a blacklist site, or any other aspect of international dating, please feel free to contact Customer Support and we will be happy to help.