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Anthony Bourdain Explores Ice Fishing and Russian Delicacies

9. October 2009 by Kari 0 Comments

Famous chef, Anthony Bourdain is host of the Travel Channel’s show, No Reservations. In a recent episode, he explored how the Russians catch fish by ice fishing for their restaurants. He also dove deeper in his efforts to learn about how specific Russian foods were made.

Bourdain’s Ice Fishing Experience

In St. Petersburg, Bourdain explores ice fishing. Shown by a local, Bourdain learns how the ice is drilled, the hook is bated and most importantly, how the fish are caught. He attests to the fact that anything from perch to pike can be caught in these freezing cold waters. Bourdain claims that many restaurants are known for catching their fresh fish through ice fishing. Of course, a Vodka toast while fishing is always appropriate.

Koloboc Café

Later in the show, Bourdain visits the Koloboc Café, a small local café in St. Petersburg that many of the residents enjoy. Here, he was served Piroshky. Piroshky is known in Russia as a small Russian turn-over. It is made by stuffing dough with things like meat, vegetables, cheese or even sweet fruit. It is served either fried or baked, as the means of cooking involved depends on exactly what ingredients are used.


Afterwards, Bourdain visits Provincetown to see what he can find out about how Koule’byaka or Russian fish pie is made. A villager prepares the dish for him using many ingredients including fish, onions, scallions’, eggs and rice. She prepares each set of ingredients separately and then layers them on top of homemade dough. The dish bakes for approximately two hours as Bourdain patiently waits. Once finished, he eats his traditional Russian cuisine with a smooth glass of strong Russian vodka.

This show just goes to show that Russia seems to never run out of appetizing delicacies.

Anthony Bourdain’s show can be seen every night on the Travel Channel. Just go to www.travelchannel.com and then click on the show schedule for No Reservations.