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Apply Professional Skills to Your Personal Life

21. June 2011 by Michelle 0 Comments

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Whether you’re a desk jockey or a construction worker, there are certain career skills that help you be the best at your job. Once you realize that you can apply some of these same professional traits to your personal life, you’ll likely have more success with online dating.


Here are four ways to excel at work and with Russian women.


Be a Good Listener

It’s one thing to say you’re caring and kind, but by paying attention to everything a lady says, you really show those qualities. Ask follow up questions so she knows you are engaged in the conversation. Take notes if necessary so you’ll remember important details later on.


Be Bold

Meeting people online is risky, but taking gambles gets you ahead in life. While you may be concerned about rejection or scammers, having the confidence to push past your paranoia often helps you prevail. As you become more involved with international dating, you’ll see it’s not so scary.


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Be Flexible

This skill may save you the most strife. Just like projects at work require you to shift focus, so may your online dates. Ladies may not approve your Intimacy Requests, or stop corresponding without notice. Rather than get frustrated and obsess over it, it’s more effective to shrug it off and move on to new ladies.


Pay Attention to Details

Romantic gentlemen know they can impress women by paying attention to the little things. Like being a good listener, this shows you really do care. Notice small changes in her hair or makeup while watching her live video stream. Send little gifts that show you remember her favorite colors, flowers, animals, etc.


These skills can help you succeed in your social life as they do in your working world. Log on to HotRussianBrides.com and apply them now!