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Are Mail Order Brides Just Seeking a Way Out?

22. January 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

Beautiful Russian bride Chillygirl

With nearly 14,000 attractive and intelligent Russian and Ukrainian women on HotRussianBrides.com, men think there must be a catch. Why are these lovely ladies eagerly seeking love abroad? Many people think these women are just looking for a ticket out of their countries, but these skeptics don’t realize the complexities of international marriage.


Leaving home is hard

Russian women value their family and friends most of all. They are also raised to have strong feelings and passion for their country and their culture. Making the decision to leave their lives behind and begin again with a newly met foreigner is a brave and difficult choice.


Russian brides have fears too

Most women that join international marriages agencies are skeptical themselves. Just like you hear stories about Russian women only marrying men for money and immigration rights, some Russian ladies hear stories about men treating their new brides badly. They have worries and fears about international dating too and the idea of beginning a new life abroad can be scary.


International love takes time

You also have to consider the lengthy process that these women go through to obtain residency in a new country. It’s not as easy as pick a man, hop on a plane, get married, and you’re a citizen. It takes several years of dating online and meeting in her country, along with providing documentation and completing lots of paperwork. Marrying abroad is a serious life changing decision that is not taken lightly by Russian women.


Aren’t you seeking a better life and a new opportunity by searching for a Russian bride online? Why is it considered wrong that a Russian woman is doing the same? The old stigmas of the mail order bride industry may always linger, but this evolution of online dating is providing men and women a real chance at finding true love and happiness. See for yourself and sign up today!