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Are Russian Ladies Looking For You?

25. April 2011 by Michelle 0 Comments

Have you met MissNatali?

Men often wonder what type of guys Russian and Ukrainian brides are looking for. Inaccurate stereotypes and myths have some believing that these ladies only want handsome, wealthy princes who can whisk them away from their impoverished lives. This couldn't be more false.


Ukrainian girls put a much larger emphasis on inner qualities when searching for a soulmate. While they appreciate beautiful things, and strive to show their own best appearance, they are often more concerned with the beauty on the inside.


Single Russian ladies also look for men with whom they feel safe and secure. Most women enjoy being feminine and want supportive men to take care of them. A good sense of humor also tops lists of qualities ladies hope for in potential matches.


Of course, all women are unique and the best way to see if your personality is desired by your favorites is to engage in more communication. The more time you spend chatting and getting to know each other, the faster you'll find your perfect match!


Here are some direct quotes from hot Russian brides' profiles. Click on their names to see pics and learn more about them!


  • "I am looking for a man who is ready to become a leader in our relations and who is willing to start his own family and having children." - StEkatherine
  • "I look for a self-confident, intelligent, adventurous, loving and supportive man who is not afraid of obsticles and hard times." - Roxana7
  • "I am looking for my soul mate, someone whos gonna be my lover and my friend, take care of me and with whom Ill feel safe." - PrettyGir875
  • "I wish to meet someone who can appreciate not only beauty, but also inside my world." - Annika10
  • "I want to meet a nice and understanding person. I look forward to mutual sympathy, both external and internal." - Ksusha26
  • "The man of my dream is smart and self-confident, he is kind and has good sense of humor." - SunnyJuliya
  • "My ideal partner would be 'realistic and balanced', well-groomed, intelligent, beautiful, kind-natured, sporting and independent and can think on his feet." - Pure55
  • "I would like to find a man who wants to have fun, be romantic with me and want to travel together." - Alllberta
  • "I am looking for a man, who will appear to be my second part, my soul mate. It is not important that he is rich or very physically attractive. I think these things are of secondary importance. I want to meet an intelligent, sociable man." - Keri
  • "I am looking for the faithful, loving, charming, joyful, active and understanding man who will take me by the hand and show me the broad new world of emotional deepness and happiness." - BarbieMaria