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Are Russian Women Bad Drivers?

2. December 2010 by Christy 0 Comments

Who hasn’t heard the stereotypes about Russian and Ukrainian women? More than a few critics insist that Eastern European ladies are devious scammers who are paid to chat with men or that they’re scandalous gold diggers only after Western gentlemen’s money. However, did you know that Russian women are also stereotyped as terrible drivers?


Of course, Russian women aren’t the only females accused of bad driving. Women around the world have been called dangerous and ditzy behind the wheel. But ever since the collapse of the Soviet Union, more and more women have taken to the roads and that means more jokes, some light hearted and some mean spirited, about bad Russian women drivers. Radio Free Europe, BBC News, Pravda, and even eBaum’s World, a well-known comedy website in the United States, have all published articles about female drivers in Russia and the Ukraine. Are the ladies really that bad? Of course not. But the like many Russian woman stereotypes, the bad driving myth refuses to die.


Rather than be insulted by bad driving jokes, many Russian women poke fun at themselves by pasting high-heel stickers to their vehicles. Modeled after the area’s student driver stickers (the Y sticker below), the high-heel adhesives (also pictured below) jokingly warn other commuters that there is a woman behind the wheel. Some ladies also view the stickers as a way to notify others that there is a hot woman at the helm, a sort of Babe on Board, rather than Baby on Board.



While many ladies rely on public transportation to get around, an increasing number of Russian women are driving to school, work, shops, and introduction agencies. While visiting a special lady in Russia or the Ukraine, you may just have the chance to ride with an infamous Russian Woman Driver.