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Are Russian Women Really Happy?

2. May 2011 by Michelle 0 Comments

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When you browse profiles on Russian dating sites, you may notice the stern, serious expressions many ladies show in their photos. When you travel to Russia or Ukraine, you may notice similiar expressions on people walking the streets. Are Russian women really unhappy? No!


This seemingly unfriendly phenomenon is actually just a cultural quirk that leads to inaccurate myths and stereotypes. In fact, a recent public opinion poll revealed that over 70 percent of Russian citizens are generally satisified with their lives and regard themselves as happy people, as reported by The Voice of Russia.


Smiling at strangers is still considered taboo in many countries of the Former Soviet Union. Many people will only smile at close friends and family. They find it awkward when people they don't know smile at them, as it shows an inappropriate amount of familiarity. Many describe it as fake, suspicious, and even creepy. Russians believe smiling should have a sufficient reason and often quote the old proverb, "Laughter without reason is a sign of foolishness."


Younger generations of Russian and Ukrainian girls, especially those engaging in international dating, are learning that smiling is a simple sign of politeness in the West. While cultural differences can certainly be challenging, they also provide valuable educational experiences.


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