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Are Travelers Doomed to Be Single?

26. November 2012 by Lorena 0 Comments

living out of a suitcaseAre you on a first name basis with the guy who pats you down at the TSA check point? Would your internet search history show more time spent on travel deal sites than Facebook or porn? Then you know this is true: whether you travel for pleasure or for a living, being on the road all the time can do a number on your love life.


Traveling a lot can be lonely. As business travelers well know, traveling for work is not the same as traveling for a vacation. Often, you have obligations that eat up your daylight hours, and you’re too tired to seek out companionship once you are free. Having the whole bed to yourself and maid service are great perks, but, many travelers would trade it to have someone to say goodnight to.


Many women you will meet dating locally do not have the patience to date someone who is always out of town. Plus, being away a lot means that it’s harder for you to meet people in the first place. But, with Russian dating, you have better odds of being able to find a lady and make a connection. 



Even when you are stuck waiting out a layover, you can flip open your laptop and send a quick hello to your favorite Russian lady. A few minutes of chat or a couple of emails from a lady who is excited to talk to you and hear about your day can be exactly what you need while you are far from home


By the time the two of you are together in your country, you will have developed the skills to sustain your relationship even while you are apart. Long distance dates, frequent loving emails, and special attention to keeping each other happy will be a long-established habit. By building a relationship that starts out long distance, you will have one that is more durable and one where you can maintain your connection to one another, no matter where either of you are on the globe.


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