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Are You Emailing Russian Brides Effectively?

11. March 2013 by Masha 0 Comments

Hot Russian brides are rarely shy when it comes to emailing adventurous bachelors. Members of Russian dating sites often receive hundreds of emails in just a few days! While some guys gush over the attention, others prefer to be the aggressor and seek out specific ladies they want to communicate with.


In order to receive a sufficient response rate to your introduction emails, try these suggestions.


Before You Email

Russian women are more likely to reply if they read something interesting on your profile or learn you have something in common. Open up a little in your "About Me" and "Looking For" sections to give the ladies some details to get curious and ask about. Always be honest, in your information and your photos. One photo makes women wonder; post up to six as a Premium Member.


Personalize Intros

When you want to introduce yourself to many Russian women very quickly, sending a standard introduction email is fine. But if you’re not getting quality replies, or any at all, your messages may be too mundane. Send some specifics about her profile or photos.


But Be Brief

A few sentences to show your interest and mention some specifics are often sufficient. You don’t want to go on and on with too many details at first. Super long emails can become boring, irrelevant, and self-centered sounding. Also, you’ll be able to meet more ladies if you spend less time introducing yourself to each one.


First impressions matter, even with hot Russian brides. Your introduction email is the first rung on the Russian ladder of love. Use these techniques to help hear back from more Russian and Ukrainian singles so you can become closer to marrying your ideal mate.