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Are You Giving HotRussianBrides.com a Fair Chance?

7. December 2009 by Christy 0 Comments

russian dating scam paranoia

It’s no secret that the Russian dating industry is fraught with scandal and intrigue. Who hasn’t heard disturbing tales of Russian scammers bilking Western men out of money, gifts, and a green card? With such stories constantly creeping up, it’s no surprise that many gentlemen are suspicious of Russian dating services. However, while wise consumers should always be wary, there is a fine line between healthy skepticism and paranoia. Nothing can destroy a gentleman’s chance of finding love like Russian scammer paranoia.

Sadly, some gentlemen become so preoccupied with proving a woman is a Russian scammer or that HotRussianBrides is Russian dating scam, that they completely lose sight of their original goal: to find love with a Russian woman. The woman of their dreams may right in front of them, and the men won’t even notice because they’re too busy sending “test” questions or wondering why a lady’s hair is a different color or length on camera than it is in a profile photo (Russian women cut and dye their hair like anyone else). While it’s important to be vigilant, scrutinizing every detail of a woman’s photos or insisting that a lady prove she isn’t a scammer isn’t likely to win any hearts. How would you feel if the ladies constantly accused you of being a fraud or demanded “proof” that you’re not a serial killer?

It’s true that Western men sometimes get scammed on Russian dating sites. However, not all Russian dating websites are the same and HotRussianBrides works tirelessly to prevent scammers from infiltrating our service (read our anti-scam policy and anti-scam articles to learn more). Gentlemen who are sincerely looking for love should put their prejudices aside and give HotRussianBrides a chance. It’s the only way to fairly evaluate our site.