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Are You Judging Russian Women Too Soon?

14. November 2011 by Michelle 0 Comments

Everyone has a list of criteria that they seek in a soul mate, but sometimes online dating can be more effective if you give all singles a sporting chance. While a certain Russian bride may not have the hair color you prefer or be the age you usually date, you may find you have a lot in common.


It's no surprise that appearances are the first thing men notice about Ukrainian women. However, since some ladies like to show off a little skin in skimpy lingerie or barely there bikinis, they often get judged unfairly. Some guys think they aren't serious about their search and could even be the notorious scammers they hear rumors about. Most Russian women are very proud of their figures and enjoy taking provocative pictures. Try having conversations before assuming things about them.


Another reason men may judge a particular lady is because they think she's too young or too old to be a good match for them. Young Russian girls are actually much more mature than men might think. Plus, they prefer older gentlemen for husbands. On the other hand, the more mature Russian women make wonderful wives as well. You really need to chat with them to see if you have a connection.


Once you do strike up a conversation with a stunning Russian single, keep in mind that your first chat may be a little rough. Between the translation and the nervousness, messages may come across slightly strange. Again, be careful not to judge a lady too quickly. Give the chat some time to smooth out before deciding on whether you'll talk again.


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