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Are You Sabotaging Your Search for Love?

28. March 2011 by Christy 0 Comments

No luck finding love? Here are three ways you may be unknowingly sabotaging your search for a Russian bride.


Neglecting Your Appearance

Some men put very little effort into their appearance, reasoning that they want to find a sincere lady who will like the “real” them. However, such gentlemen are only hurting their chances of finding a Russian love match. Just as men are attracted to good-looking women, women are attracted to men who make an effort to look nice. As profile photos are the first thing Russian ladies see, it pays for gentlemen to post flattering pictures in which they are clean, well groomed, and reasonably well dressed (lots of pic tips here).


Being Too Picky

In the past, we’ve advised you to think about the kind of lady you’d like to meet and to make a mental or physical list of the qualities you desire in a mate. However, beware of creating long and exacting lists. While it’s good to know what you kind of woman you’re seeking, being overly picky can sabotage your search for love. Looking for an outgoing woman in her mid to early 30s is fine, but refusing to settle for anything less than a blonde woman between the ages of 25-30 who is fluent in English, works in law, lives in Kiev, and is no more than 110 pounds will almost certainly result in frustration and disappointment.



Everyone is entitled to a bad day or two, but no single wants to date someone who constantly feels sorry for themselves. Therefore it’s important that you resist the urge to complain about your job, your health, the economy, your horrible ex, the cost of Russian dating, etc. That’s not to say that you should never mention these things, but rather you should avoid negative subjects in the first few emails and chat sessions and keep gloomy topics to a minimum, especially at first.

Nobody’s perfect, but gentlemen who make an honest effort to look presentable, avoid overly picky search criteria, and reign in a negative attitude are less likely to sabotage their search for love then men who don’t. Click here to read about more ways men inadvertently spoil their chances of finding a Russian bride.