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Are You Sending Mixed Messages?

7. February 2013 by Dasha 0 Comments

One thing Ukrainian women find puzzling is men who say one thing but do another. Whether they realize it or not, many men on HRB send mixed messages about who they are and what they’re hoping to find. Are you one of them? Here are three ways men send mixed messages and how this mistake can thwart the Russian dating experience.

Say You Want True Love, Only Talk About Sex

Many men join HRB because they want to find a wife. They write about their search for a serious partner, a woman who shares their interests and values and is ready to start a family. However, while most men say they want a compatible partner, some seem to have little interest getting to know the women.

While most men make a sincere effort to get to know the ladies, some focus exclusively on a woman’s looks or figure. Instead of asking a lady about her life and interests, they remark on her body or ask for nude photos. Some men also send unsolicited pics of their genitals. Don’t be that guy. Though sex is undoubtedly important, it’s only one part of a relationship. Men that focus exclusively on sex send mixed messages about what they’re truly after - love or a bedroom romp.

Say You’re a Good Man, Behave Like You're Not

Many men on HRB describe themselves as good guys who are honest, faithful, loving, and kind. “I know how to treat a woman,” they write in profiles and emails. However, some of these self-proclaimed gentlemen act anything but.

Honest men do not lie about their age, looks, job, or marital status. Kind men don’t call women names or try to order them about. While it’s tempting to lie or exaggerate facts about your life, the truth will eventually come out and you’ll then look dishonest and untrustworthy. Name calling and irrational demands also belie nice guy claims. Actions speak louder than words.

Say You Want One Thing, Pursue Another

Many men say they want one type of woman but then spend hours courting another. A woman’s age is the most common example, with many men insisting ladies in "X" age group are too young but then sending countless emails or chat requests to women that fall in that range. While it’s fine to change your mind, saying you want one thing and then pursuing the opposite can undermine your credibility. Again, what you do is more powerful than what you say.

Being true to your word is an important part of international dating, where words are often all a woman has to go on. If you mistakenly send mixed signals, try to be more consistent in your search for a Ukrainian partner.