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Are You Sure She Isn’t Your Type?

15. October 2010 by Christy 0 Comments

What man hasn’t, at one time or another, rejected a woman because she wasn’t his “type”? Women are guilty of the same thing, and while it’s perfectly normal to have preferences when it comes to dating, being too limiting or too restrictive can keep you from finding a Russian bride.

Gentlemen should be careful about refusing to date certain “types” of women (unless, of course, the type is violent or hurtful). A bad experience or two with an artistic lady or a nasty breakup with an athlete or career woman does not mean you will be miserable with all artists, athletes, or working professionals. The same goes for women from a certain city or country or those of a certain look or age. At times, well meaning friends and family may tell you to avoid women from Ukraine because they are all scammers or to stay away from women in their 20s because young ladies couldn’t possibly be serious about marriage. While this may be true of some young women or some Ukrainian women, it’s certainly not true of them all.

It’s dangerous to reject a large number of women simply because they have a few things in common with your ex or because someone insists that a certain “type” is no good.  Eliminating women based on sweeping generalizations eliminates many, and possibly, all potential matches, prolonging the search for a Russian bride or destroying it altogether. If you want to have the best chances of finding a mate on HotRussianBrides, be open and willing to treat every lady as an individual, not as a member of a certain group or type.